Choosing The Best Bottle Sterilizer

Why Use Bottle Sterilizers:

Grandparents would put baby bottles in a pot of boiling water, but modern parents like the added comfort of sterilizing what their babies use. In addition to a dishwasher, parents are choosing electric sterilizers, steam water sterilizers, and microwave sterilizers. Pediatricians agree that a sterilizer is not a necessary baby product, but using one gives parents a more comfortable and secure feeling. Baby bottle sterilizers are available in varying shapes, sizes, and function

Parents who have newborns and babies that are in the bottle-feeding years are the best candidates for using bottle sterilizers. Bottle sterilizers make sense, however, if people live in an area with a water source that may be somewhat unreliable and they want more than just using the boiling-water method. Baby bottle sterilizers are helpful to special needs babies or even premature babies during their early months. The best bottle sterilizer is designed to be used for bottles during the early stages of a baby’s life and they can be used as the baby grows, by using it for accessories like bottle nipples, breast pump parts, sippy cups, toddler plates and many other items and equipment.

Electric and Microwave Bottle Sterilizers:

Many of the best bottle sterilizers and bottle warmers are used for both plastic and glass bottles. Many years ago, using boiling hot water to sterilize a plastic bottle, caused plastic additives like BPA (“bisphenol A”) to be released, which has since been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, many bottle sterilizer technology today, use a BPA-free sterilizer that can be microwave. Choosing between an electric sterilizer or the microwave design, is a parent’s choice. To thoroughly sterilize a baby’s bottle, the steam or moist heat must be over 212° to kill most bacteria within minutes. The technology used in bottle sterilizers today, whether electric or the microwave design, are manufactured to achieve this temperature.

A. Electric Bottle Sterilizers:

Some of the best features of a quality electric bottle sterilizers have the following features:

• Compact Sterilizer: A quality bottle sterilizer is compact enough to use only a small area of counter space but with enough room to fit all sizes of baby bottles, such as width and height.

• Easy To Use: Electric bottle sterilizers have several moving parts. Parents don’t have a lot of time to disassemble, then assemble again. Modern electric sterilizer technology has made this a simple and easy task in keeping bottles clean.

• Fast Cleaning Cycle: The amount of time it takes to sterilize anything is directly proportional to the amount of water that the object is fixed in. It is natural to say that the more water in a sterilized environment, the longer it takes. That is why, modern electrical sterilizers for baby bottles require less water to generate steam. The electric sterilizers have an automatic shut-off valve, simply plug in your electric bottle sterilizer and walk away. They also provide a fast rest cycle for the bottles because what parent doesn’t want to quickly get the milk to a baby that is crying because they are hungry.

• Versatility: Electric bottle sterilizers are multi-functional because they can be used to sterilize many items needed to keep baby happy and safe. Some electric baby bottle sterilizers not only get rid of germs and bacteria, but they also deodorize and dry your bottles with hot air.

One of the factors involved in using an electric or microwave bottle sterilizer, is condensation. Parents have said that left over condensation in the bottle, is neither time or energy efficient.

1. Wabi
The Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer does not form any condensation. It includes a drying cycle that when it is complete, it leaves the bottles completely dry. Wabi can fit 8 bottles at a time and it has a special basket for nipples and other baby bottle accessories. It sterilizes quickly and everything comes out completely dry, cleaned, and deodorized.

2. Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer
This electric steam sterilizer is BPA free and is easy to use. Simply load the bottles into this sterilizer, put in the water, close the lid, turn it on and walk away for five minutes. Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer can be used with any bottles.

3. Cuisinart CS-6 Baby Bottle Sterilizer
The Cuisinart electric bottle sterilizer does not feature a dryer, but it is an affordable, hygienic, sterilizer that works great for plastic and glass baby bottles. It works with bottles of all sizes and brand names and there is enough space for plates, spoons, pacifiers, etc. It features a top and bottom design, where the bottles go at the bottom and nipples and other items are placed on top. The Cuisinart CS-6 Baby Bottle Sterilizer is very quiet when in use and it has a short cleaning time.

B. Microwave Sterilizer Features:

• Size: Naturally, microwave ovens are available in different sizes, therefore, a microwave bottle sterilizer must be the size to fit your home appliance. They need to be big enough to hold a variety of bottles,including the accessories and parts.

• Must Be Durable: When you normally microwave something that is plastic, it becomes soft, mushy, yet flexible. Anything that is taken from a microwave is going to be hot and if you are using a bottle sterilizer that is not properly designed, removing it from the microwave is removing steaming water with burning hot bottles. Modern microwave sterilizers are designed with special coatings that are sturdy, strong, and they are not hot to the touch.

Parents are helping to drive the best bottle sterilizer industry with features that mean the most to them. The best bottle sterilizer for parents will probably include features like the use of UV light technology instead of using water for steam and a faster drying feature, with a faster resting period.

Many of the best bottle sterilizer brand names are the same for electric sterilizers, as well as many baby products. The popular microwave bottle sterilizers, include the following:

1. Munchkin
Munchkin microwave bottle sterilizer is one of the best bottle sterilizer which has a steam guard that provides a safety level to keep steam from spilling out or popping out. It can fit different brand bottles, it comes equipped with tongs, if needed. Depending on the size of the bottles, Munchkin can sterilize two to three bottles with accessories. For the Munchkin Microwave, put in 7 ounces of water, put in the bottles, fit the lid over the bottles and set the microwave timer. There is enough room to sterilize up to 4 baby bottles and other baby items. The Munchkin microwave sterilizer is guaranteed to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in baby bottles and many other baby products. It also cleans quickly, in as little as 2 minutes.

2. Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer
Dr. Brown’s Microwave Sterilizer fits Dr. Brown’s bottles, up to 4 at a time. It holds Dr. Brown’s standard or wide neck bottles. Plastic tongs and a bristle brush accompany the sterilizer. This sterilizer is guaranteed to eliminate 99.9% of most household bacteria and germs.

3. Playtex Smart Steam Microwave Bottle Sterilizers
The Playtex Smart Steam Microwave Sterilizer holds up to 6 bottles and 12 nipples. It steam cleans and sanitizes in must 2 minutes. Playtex Smart Steam Sterilizer also has heat resistant tongs for easy, safe removal. Playtex has an innovative cooling and drying tray that helps mother’s sanitize and dry bottles quickly to fill it with milk to give to the baby almost immediately.

4. Philips AVENT
Busy moms who are pushed for time or who travel with the baby, will love using the Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer. It holds more bottles than many other models. It works quickly in 2 to 6 minutes with just a little water that is added to its base to produce steam heat. The Philips AVENT sterilizer can fit into most sized microwave ovens. Traveling with the AVENT is easy because it is very compact and lightweight. It kills up to 99.9% of germs and it can keep breast-fed milk or baby formula milk sterile for 24 hours.

Bottle Warmers:

Bottle warming technology is as simple as pressing a button and within minutes, the bottle is ready to feed the baby. Many brand name bottle warmers like the award winning Kimble Kozii, the Munchkin Precision Digital and the Dr. Brown Deluxe Bottle Warmer. They all carry a “safe heat” technology that warms the formula to the right, safe temperature and also keeps the outside temperature of the bottle gently warm. Modern bottle warmers are designed with a consecutive warming cycle, where parents can warm two or more bottles in a row. Other features like an automatic shut-off that gives off a signal, as in the Philips AVENT Express is very important. Modern best bottle warmer are good for breast milk which requires specific temperature warming vs. baby formula. Bottle warmers are available in all shapes and sizes. They can use warm water or steam with the ability to add water each time or some models that have a built-in reservoir that monitors the water and can last through different cycles. Additional benefits of a bottle warmer includes:

• Can be used when traveling
• Speeds up the bottle warming process, saving time
• Prevents hot spots that occur commonly when using a microwave
• Keeping the baby’s milk at a consistent temperature

Baby bottle warmers prevent uneven heating that is not healthy for the baby. Because bottles are heated using either warm water or steam, the heat distribution ensures that the baby’s bottle is warmed at the right temperature for them to safely drink. Even when the baby needs a bottle early in the morning, a bottle warmer is very convenient, especially the models that have a bottle cooler to keep the bottles chilled until it is time to heat them. Bottle warming technology also gives parents features like a “night light” that can make nighttime or 2 a.m. feedings easier, with its light that parents can find quickly. Warmers are compact and can be used in any counter top environment or nursery dresser, especially when it comes to night feedings.


When parents need to know which steam sterilizer and bottle warmer are best and safe, modern technology has given parents top quality products, which are products that are easy to use, sturdy, dependable, hygienic and is safe to use. For steam sterilizers that are either an electric model or the microwave design, they can perform the basic task of bottle sterilization. Sterilizer technology keeps bottles hygienic for longer periods of time than a dishwasher, safer than a pot on the stove, and safer than running a bottle under warm water. Bottle warmers are also very convenient and they make life for new parents an easier task. You never know that you needed sterilizers or warmers until you get one, then you wonder how you could ever be without them. Parents who have week old babies would benefit from sterilizing the bottles in electric or microwave stem sterilizers, especially the models that can hold multiple bottles. Older babies can benefit from bottle warmers which have a quick sanitizing and fast drying feature.

Breast Feeding Clothing

Pregnancy is such a physically challenging experience that the need to acquire a whole new wardrobe feels like insult added to injury. However, there are now many different types of quality breastfeeding clothes available. If your due date is approaching, make a check list and then go shopping for the following types of breastfeeding clothes.

Breastfeeding tops

If you’re a first-time mother, you’ll soon discover that breastfeeding in public at times feels like an act of espionage. Breastfeeding tops simplify the process, providing comfort and discretion without sacrificing style. Many breastfeeding tops feature double-layered fronts for pull-up access, or you might prefer breastfeeding tees with extended armholes for easy pull-over nursing.

Breastfeeding bras

The postpartum swelling you experience in your breasts makes the support of a bra desirable, but entrapping a bra to nurse your baby every few hours can get tiresome. Breastfeeding bras give you the support and convenience you need as a nursing mother. The best breastfeeding bras feature flaps that can be opened and closed with one hand.

Breastfeeding sleepwear

Breastfeeding sleepwear is another type of breastfeeding clothing that you’ll soon find invaluable. Breastfeeding pajamas, breastfeeding robes, and breastfeeding nigh ties provide the warmth you need to sleep comfortably, plus tops that can easily be pulled up or over for middle of the night nursing.

Breastfeeding dresses

Just because you’re a nursing mom doesn’t mean you can’t dress with style. Breastfeeding dresses and breastfeeding loungewear are the nursing clothes you’ll need for those welcome evenings out. Elegant breastfeeding dresses can be found that are perfect for holiday celebrations, cocktail parties, or intimate dinners.

Breastfeeding swimwear

Breastfeeding swimwear has improved considerably in recent years. Along with traditional one-piece suits and bikinis, breastfeeding clothes for the beach include “tankinis” (longer beachwear tops with extra coverage), halter tops, and even sarongs.

Best Breast Pump – Deals and Buying Tips

When you have a baby, you always want the best for it. You want the best clothes, the best toys, and the best food. Luckily, you don’t have to shop anywhere to get the last item on that list. Your body produces the best food in the world for your newborn baby.

Breast-feeding can be a bit of a taboo, though. Many people are uncomfortable doing it in public, though your child won’t patiently wait for food while you’re out at a restaurant or store. A bathroom isn’t always handy, either. There is a way to deliver breast milk without the embarrassment, though. Using a breast pump, you can collect milk ahead of time and feed your baby with a bottle. There’s nothing embarrassing about that!

Naturally, since you want the best for your child and for yourself, you’ll want to find the best breast pump on the market. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. The best breast pump for one woman is the worst one for another. Why? Because every woman’s needs are different.

The only way to really pick the right pump for you is to know what you are looking for. Keep the following in mind when searching for products:

How often will you use the breast pump? Some women only pump milk when it’s completely necessary. This may mean that they go out on a date with their husband once a month and leave Junior at home with a babysitter. The only way to feed the baby then is to leave some milk behind. For other women, the pump will be the primary means of feeding the baby. Women who work can’t take their child into the office, so they have to leave food at home all of the time. So, when picking a pump, look for one that’s as durable as you need it to be. There’s no need to invest a lot of money into a top-of-the-line pump when you only need one that will work ten times. On the other hand, don’t go for the cheap option if you need this product to last.

How much work do you want to put into it? Like all other gadgets on the market, the breast pump has merged with technology. Manual pumps still exist, but electronic ones are available. If you’re only using this pump once a week, then manual is definitely the way to go – if only for the price. They are much cheaper. However, working moms and those using their pump at least once a day may want to sink $200 into a high-tech pump. These products can milk both breasts at once and are optimized for your health as well as your child’s.

What have other users said about the product? Never underestimate the value of consumer reviews. There are plenty of online pages where mothers can rate the pumps they’ve used. Who can you trust more than a fellow female who’s used the product you are looking at? Take the time to do your research and read what other women have to say.